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Tilted House

One of the most poetic, and metaphorical, cultural objects is the house. "...a house constitutes a body of images that give mankind proofs or illusions of stability. We are constantly re imagining its reality..." (GASTON BACHELARD - The Poetics of Space)

Painted Aluminum
Approximate Dimensions - 13' HT x 8' x 8'

Convergence VIII
Providence, Rhode Island



Material: Welded Aluminum
Dimensions: 10' x 10' x 6' depth


Square Dance

Model for proposed sculpture

Material: Welded aluminum or stainless steel
Dimensions: 12' x 12' x 6' depth


Art as Architecture / Architecture as Art

This piece comments on the recently blurred line that separates art and architecture. Buildings sometimes look like sculpture, and sculptors are turning buildings inside out to create art. It can be read from the top down Art as Architecture, and from the bottom up Architecture As Art.

Material: Granite
Dimensions: 30” x 30” x 30”


Granite Chair / Stool Cutout

With one intervention, a simple cube becomes a chair and the cut-out remainder becomes a stool: an evocation in granite of the living room easy chair. I envision a grouping of these functional sculptures scattered around a courtyard or building lobby.

Material: Granite
Approximate dimensions 3' Ht.x 6'x 2' ( 2 pieces)

Architectural Bronze Series

This series of 5 architectural bronze tabletop sculptures could be considered models for larger monumental pieces.

Architectural Fragment Series.jpg

Architectural Fragment Series

© James Owen Calderwood 2011


Reformed Table

Material: Plywood and wire mesh
Approximate Dimensions: 51/2’ x 5’ x 16”


Reformed Chair

Material: Plywood and wire mesh
Approximate Dimensions: 8' x 2' x 16"


Two Chairs

This sculpture comments on the history of design, and the difference between a functional utilitarian object, and a nonfunctional poetic object. In this piece the classic wooden kitchen chair is used as a template for a contemporary sleek steel chair.

Material: Welded Steel and wood chair
Dimensions: 3' height



Material: Rusted Steel
Dimensions: 2' x 2' x 5'



© James Owen Calderwood 2011
Materials: Ferro Cement Prototype for Bronze Casting
Dimensions: 10' Height